ELO’s ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ On The Electromechanical Lithophone

This video captures Jay Harrison’s Electromechanical Lithophone playing an arrangement of Mr. Blue Sky, by Electric Light Orchestra.

The installation was filmed at the Museum of Modern Art Wales as a part of the Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2016.

The Electromechanical Lithophone is an interactive installation built around a robotic MIDI-controlled lithophone (an instrument based around rocks that are struck to make notes).

Visitors can select a piece of pre-programmed music to play from within the installation or can play the Lithophone via an electronic keyboard.

Harrison created the Electromechanical Lithophone instrument/installation using electronics (controlled by Cycling 74 Max/MSP and Maxuino) and Welsh slate.

More examples of the Electromechanical Lithophone in action can be found at Harrison’s site.

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