Free Download: Drew Neumann’s ‘Aliens In The Amazon’

Composer Drew Neumann (Æon FluxThe Wild Thornberrys) shared this video for his composition Aliens In The Amazon, which showcases the Tom Oberheim Two Voice Pro

Here’s what Neumann has to say about the track:

Tom Oberheim’s TVS Pro two voice polyphonic synthesizer, connected to a small Euro system with modules supplied by Studio Electronics in a case by Kahnco.

I’m a longtime fan and friend of Tom’s, and I’ve been involved in the development of the new two voice since day one. It’s one of my favorite instruments in the studio–it’s a reissue of a classic synthesizer, but it’s more than that, it’s an open system that can be connected in ways that the original machines could not. It’s a powerful and wonderful synth on its own, but when you use the patch connections, new worlds of adventure open up.

This is massively multi tracked to Digital Performer using a simple setup of just a TVS Pro, an SE Quadnic and STE16 and a few other supporting modules. All of the percussion is pure TVS Pro sampled, edited, and dropped into Kontakt.

Neumann has also shared the track and his Oberheim TVS Percussion Kit, made up of his custom sounds, as free downloads via his site.

Details on the Two Voice Pro are available at Oberheim’s site.

9 thoughts on “Free Download: Drew Neumann’s ‘Aliens In The Amazon’

  1. Fantastic 100% Pro-level piece of work and amazing composition of electronic music.
    And thanks for the free download !

  2. love the ending credits about no aliens were harmed.

    what would be nice if they would anal probe the webmaster of this site
    getting tired of the flaky operation ans snap page crash

    1. I think it’s relatively amusing how much you gripe about the site.
      I’ve never had synthtopia crash on me ever: using Chrome or iE, or on a tablet (Android or iPad air), or a phone. It hasn’t crashed my Xbox browser either. ????
      Sometimes I leave it open for an hour or more on a single page at work.

      Maybe it’s just you.
      When’s the last time you did an oil change on your electronc typewriter?

  3. Very nicely done! While I **LOVE** the OB TwoVoice, I’m wondering about the big modular in the background at 2:18 in the video… Moog? massive!!

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