16 thoughts on “Studio Synth Jam

  1. The emperor has no clothes…

    Listening to endless arpeggios and droning chords only goes so far…

    It started promising but unfortunately it just faded away… where is the composer’s input in all of this? Where is the melody line? Where are the dynamics? The ebbs and flows?

    Most importantly… where is the MELODY????? All that gear … such a shame… yawn.

    1. if the jam was being recorded you could go back and restructure to make one valible

      This is more like a go until tired music making where when you go back and listen might just find something to make into a regular song
      something like Norman cook does

  2. Electronic music is a very lonely world. I like the music (and I like this piece) but it is hard to find more than one musician at the same time, doing live work.

    The sequencer killed the band.

  3. Absolutely brilliant!!!! Thank you for a wonderful moment! This could be one of the better tracks on an album by Aes Dana, Carbon Based Lifeforms or the “Einlassmusik” by Schiller and also on a Jarre Album like Oxygene 7-13 from 1997. I wished on the new Jarre album would be a track like this. And the song has a development; great!

  4. Pat Metheny’s keyboardist Lyle Mays popularized this sound – a hollow-sounding square wave with a soft tonality. Phil Collins for In the air tonight and Spandau Ballet for True both reportedly used this great analog synth for their pads.

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