Synth Sigil Inspired By Ancient Grimoires

synth-sigil-t-shirtJustin Kamerer
of ‘apocalyptic superstore’ Angry Blue let us know about a new print & t-shirt design, Synth Sigil.

“Ancient grimoire’s have recently been unearthed showing the keys to perfect sound,” notes Kamerer. “I love modular synthesizers. So, I made this.”

The Synth Sigil design is available as a t-shirt, above right. 

The design is also available as a print, below, that’s 12″ x 12″ and printed in two colors: metallic brass & gold:


11 thoughts on “Synth Sigil Inspired By Ancient Grimoires

    1. It’s playing with esoteric imagery for a new interpretation. Mixing two things together. I don’t see what you’re all wound up about. I make a lot of imagery. Sometimes it’s original illustrations that take my 40-50 hours of work and sometimes it is reinterpretation or changing perspective for another use.

      Plus, it’s an image I love and use often with other imagery of mine anyway.
      :shrug: it’s cool if you’re not into it.

      I don’t know what you’re referencing with the ‘someone named justin commented’ or why you seem to think that the wool is being pulled over your eyes, but i hope you’re having a good day.

      1. I’m not wound up.

        Just seems you could mention that you just reinterpreted an existing sigil.

        Your site seems to indicate this is an original work by exclusion of such information.

        1. well, I guess it’s a shame my printmaking releases don’t rely on you as my editor.

          The point is to take something that is obviously recognized by an audience and play with it. it’s fun. if you don’t think so – that’s just fine.

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