Korg Electribes Get Free OS Update, New Colors

korg-electribe-blueKorg today released free OS updates for the Electribe and Electribe Sampler; and announced updated versions of the two devices.

Electribe System version 2 adds support for the much-requested pattern chain and undo functions, as well as support for original value display. The update is free to existing Electribe owners.

The Electribe line has also become more colorful with new models:

  • The Electribe line has been expanded with a metallic blue model that’s reminiscent of the previous model, the Electribe MX.
  • The Electribe Sampler line has been expanded with a metallic red model that’s reminiscent of the previous model, the Electribe SX.

Here’s the official intro video for the version 2 Electribes:

Korg describe both new Electribe models as “bring[ing] fresh energy to any performance with effortless knob-based sound creation, complemented by the numerous colorfully illuminated LEDs.” All Electribes also offer Ableton Live export for computer/DAW integration.

In addition, pattern chaining allows users to string patterns together to create full songs. One-level “undo” allows users to undo recordings with the press of a couple of buttons. The original value indicator enables users to see the original position of any knob on the panel for any part.

Korg has also created 400+ brand-new bonus patterns (200+ each for the sampler and synth) all available for download from the Korg US website. These new patterns are free to all Electribe owners.

Pricing and Availability. The Korg Electribe2BL and Electribe2SRD will be available in August of 2016 for $399.99 US.

See the Korg site for details.


39 thoughts on “Korg Electribes Get Free OS Update, New Colors

    1. I’m not sure about this update fixing it, but there was even MIDI NOTE STEALING. Yes, even when just sending MIDI notes externally!

      Pattern Chain is the one feature that would make these a worthwhile choice – for me – as a sequencer at least (4 bars max always was a big no no), but I’m not convinced of its implementation, and MIDI note stealing ruins it if trying to use all 16 channels.

      But I’d like to either be proven wrong with this new update, or see it fixed in another one. Come on KORG!

  1. I really wanted the Electribe Sampler and saved the money to buy one, but reading a complaints from users and the features it was lacking at the time, I decided not to buy it. I will wait some months to see what the current users have to say about the updates before I think again about purchasing one.

    1. I’ve had the sampler for a year or so. Some parts of using it are pretty clunky, like step editing and sample editing. There are a lot of little things you’ll discover by looking through the korg forums, and there are a lot of little things you might still find are not quite what you want, but overall, I use this all the time and if something happened to it I’d immediately get another one.

  2. the following excerpt about the new chain function is from korg´s very own updated parameter guide…

    “The CHAIN TO and CHAIN REPEAT parameters allow you to use multiple pattern to create and playback a song. For example, if you set the Pattern 1 CHAIN TO parameter to Pattern 2 (value of 2) and the Pattern 1 CHAIN REPEAT parameter to a value of 2 (and set the Pattern 2 CHAIN TO parameter to Off), the patterns will play as shown below Now, change the Pattern 2 CHAIN TO parameter to Pattern 3 (value of 3) and the Pattern 2 CHAIN REPEAT parameter to a value of 1. Next, set the CHAIN TO parameter of Pattern 3 to Pattern 1 (value of 1) and the CHAIN REPEAT parameter of Pattern 3 to a value of 1. The patterns will play in a loop.”

    no, that was NOT a monologue from a monty python film.. *facepalm* .. korg, are you serious? what kind of lousy workflow killer is that?? a song mode for lunatics, so unbelievably complicated. just put my tribe 2s on ebay. back to my good old mc-808.

    1. It’s not a ‘song mode’ (though you could use it as one if patient and willing to copy patterns around)—it’s pattern chaining. Think of it as a way get beyond the current pattern length limits.

    2. Argh… that sounds laborious. I had a Monomachine for a while and LOVED how one can just hold down a bank button and simultaneously press patterns to chain them. But the sound didn’t really do it for me and max 3-note poly per step just isn’t sufficient.

  3. according to the release notes the tribes still have the 35ms audio gap when you switch patterns. one has to export them to a daw in order to have no gap. that suckz. someone at korg forums did the measurement. for comparison: roland´s jd-xi has no audio gaps between patterns.

    1. This was not high on the list of updates i wanted tbh. Hoping this is just a stop-gap measure and more are on the way.

    2. it’s not even the gap that gets me but the fact that all the FX reset on a pattern change. What I really hated though was the voices running out and sounds just disappearing and the random pops and clicks. Tossed mine on ebay and I don’t miss it at all.

      1. The FX don’t reset if the FX are the same for both patterns (Master FX as well). Haven’t had any of these issues after like the first day or two of owning it.

        1. I don’t understand the 35ms gap – like I can’t hear it with mine. Unless it’s there first bar but re-syncs. I can play for hours switching between patterns and it always holds tempo.

          Seems to be a lot of hate for this device but I reckon it’s brilliant. I was swimming in menus on my Maschine, but on the Electribe it’s so much simpler that I’m learning a lot quicker.

  4. I almost bought one but read on the forums about a 10-14 khz noise (high pitched squeal) present at all times on both models.
    Apparently the designers must have really crappy hearing.
    Korg really screwed this one up. Such a shame as it would have been a useful piece of kit despite it’s other limitations.

    1. I have the non-sampler version (not yet updated) and it has never produced the noise mentioned, even with frequency analysis the noise is not present in my unit. Of course, as always, ymmv.

      I have a circuit as well, and prefer the Korg in general (though I enjoy them both as creation tools).


      1. Really!? If you look at the forums, several people have claimed it so.
        I guess I’ll have to find one and demo it. I hope they are wrong, thanks!

        1. I agree with westOfThePond I have the sampler one and never heard any unwanted noise or high pitched squeal.
          I think checking it out for yourself is a good idea, cause you know … the internet

        2. I had the noise problem on my Electribe. It’s loud, and really annoying. So I sold it. I’m pretty happy I did so. Maybe not every unit has it?

  5. I love my electribe. Glad to see they’re giving it some love. I’ve found it to be an incredible versatile tool, especially as a sequencer. I’m still a little shocked at how few examples exist online/YouTube/etc. that show what it can do as such. I use mine for everything. Right now as an 8 part drum machine sequencing 8 synths simultaneously. what other hardware sequencer does that?

    1. > Right now as an 8 part drum machine sequencing 8 synths simultaneously. what other hardware sequencer does that?

      Every MPC ever made?

      1. Yeah?… That’s never been made clear to me from everything I’ve heard/read about them. And the few people I know who use them for beat making use them for sampling/looping etc. nothing terribly complex, or running external gear. Is there a model you could recommend? and that doesn’t require a DAW? I’m a guitar player and self-certified non-expert on electronic music who’s gotten obsessed with finding gear to pair with my MicroKorg I got Ten years ago that has, in the past Three, spiraled out of control into a Synthesizer/Gear obsession. I’d been disappointed at the current sequencer market and found that the electribe 2 fit the bill for what I was looking for and continues to do great things for me in terms of music making. Not to mention it’s price point at least in contrast with Elektron devices for example. Any recommendations are welcome! always looking for new gear avenues to look down…

      2. there are at least a hundred machines out there can can sequence 8 tracks or more internal samples and 8 tracks or more external midi…


    2. Octatrack and Machinedrum also do this. I did look at the electribe sampler and its looks like a cool unit, the fact it is battery powered is great. If you’re looking for some good YouTube examples of the electribes check out mistabishi.

    3. I have both the e2 and circuit too – they are different beasts – I actually like the control center-ness of the e2 but I really like the sound and live play of the circuit – I use it more as a live synth module since you can use a sw editor to make patches

  6. I see this as renewing their commitment to the model, which seems to make it more likely that they’d take on some of the bullet points on the petition that’s going around. Maybe they saw the very positive reactions to Novation’s upgrades.

    1. Korg almost always supports and updates their gear.

      People just are not happy when their particular unit isn’t the priority.

      1. none of the earlier electribes were really updated, only sort of patched.
        this is just a measure against lackluster sales and plummeting ebay prices.

  7. well… they look much better now at least… and now you can more easily tell them apart….. idk, i have an MX1…. i like it… i like electribes but perhaps korg anticipated that people work more on musical phrases these days in production and then chop waves up from there… not sure but ableton integration to me suggests manipulating waves and samples which was encouraged with this platform this time around.

  8. korg so dropped the ball on this its not even funny.
    as a huge fan of the mx and sx, the new generation is such a disappointment.
    so many omissions i dont know where to start.

    this is obviously an effort to revitalize the sales.
    also the new colour versions are such a pathetic move.

    korg, if you wanted to make them similar to the old models, how about giving more then 1 param to tweak, insert reverb, and fx chaining.

    seriously, an ipad with a controller does 1000 times than these boxes do.
    and i love boxes.
    no mind though, volcas do it for me.

  9. As an owner of MANY low price Korg products (Kaossilator Pro, Volca Beats/Bass/Keys, MicoKorg, and Electribe Sampler), I think the BIGGEST PROBLEM FACING KORG is their documentation. Apparently they do not have a person at Korg who has a good command of the English language. It is very frustrating when you read ANYTHING that comes from Korg corporate (manuals or marketing material). This is what makes it so difficult to learn and understand their systems. I am a technical writer, and I would submit my services to them for a reasonable fee if they would be interested. 🙂

    1. I hate the fold out, road map poster sheet that most of their instructions come on.

      Print a little booklet Korg…….

      You can’t even easily print a copy of the pdf because it’s the same poster size document.

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