Tracktion T5 DAW Now Free For Mac, Windows & Linux


Tracktion T5, a DAW that was US $60 when it as released in 2014, is now available as a free download for Linux, Mac & Windows.

The free DAW is the full version – it’s just not the latest version of Tracktion. Files created in Tracktion T5, though, can be opened in the latest version, T7.

Here are some overview videos for Tracktion T5:

Tracktion T5 is available now as a free download.

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11 thoughts on “Tracktion T5 DAW Now Free For Mac, Windows & Linux

  1. hmm, the OSX and Windows versions seem to be 32 Bit while the Linux version is 64 Bit. Is there no 64 Bit version for Windows and OSX?

  2. Hey Guys,

    A lot of times the mac version of traction 5 keeps asking for
    validation so I have to keep typing in the password for the account registration FYI for anyone using it on a mac.

    Also for anyone familiar with the program, do you know how to rewire reason into traction? Would like to use traction to mix/master audio devices within reason.


  3. I am looking for a midi only sequencer like the old atari cubase with no soft synths or audio on it. Just midi only sequencing to run a hardware set up . I hop one day a company will produce one that has great timing etc

  4. I am trying this but after install it says it is a demo version. Checked version and it’s Tracktion 5.4.3. From my account on their website I see the order for 0.00$ but no info on how to get out of demo mode.

    Any clues? You sure it’s a free free version?

  5. Thank you sooo much for the T5! I’ve been rockin Tracktion since T1 and with all of the computer upgrades i’ve gone thru, unfortunately, I’ve been lost without my favorite “Tracktion 2” along with its killer plugin package.

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