Rare Seventies-tastic Psychedelic Vangelis Music Video

This video captures a seventies-tastic psychedelic music show, Melody, featuring the music of Vangelis

The video (from around 1974) features live performances and also what appear to music video-style ‘mimed’ performances. The music includes songs from his Earth album and more.

If you’ve got more information that you can add about the music or the video, leave a comment with the details!

11 thoughts on “Rare Seventies-tastic Psychedelic Vangelis Music Video

  1. Earth is still one of my favorite Vangelis albums.

    it’s so different from his other work and very relaxing to solder too.

  2. There is another 8-10 minutes of footage to this clip, you can find it on YouTube, search for Vangelis Melody 1974..

    This was broadcast on French TV at some point.

  3. Any plugins that can give me that 20 hippy chicks with kettle drums sound? Especially loving the one with pick fluffy top and hat, she’s grooving with it.

  4. Ok. This is amazing esp the end piece with the vibes and the way Vangelis utilizes that clavinet but WHAT is that oddball little synth that makes such a beautiful reedy sound? Davolli?
    Amazing how he uses these instruments in such a a the time un-contemporary way!

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