360° Of Modular Synth Action Gives Us G.A.S.

Tiptop Audio shared this video that captures an immersive 360° view of a massive, multi-rack modular synth rig.

G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) anyone?

Technical Details:

The Euro modules are housed in new Tiptop Audio ‘Mantis’ cases. The patch and music in the video are created by Angle. The video was created by Jacopo Cosmelli and Luca Ruggeri.

Note: This sort of immersive video is becoming affordable for people to create. Let us know how it works for you and what sort of things you’d like to see it used for!

3 thoughts on “360° Of Modular Synth Action Gives Us G.A.S.

  1. The audio and synth were great, but the 360 degree video seemed kind of silly. Watching 360 degrees, when my tablet can really only display 180 degrees is awkward to watch.

    I’d rather see all the synths lined up in a row and recorded that way because that’s how it ended up looking anyway.

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