Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal With Synthesizer (KARP Odyssey)


Korg shared this video demo for their SDD-3000 delay pedal, showcasing how it works with synthesizers – in this case, a Korg ARP Odyssey:

They note, “The SDD3000 isn’t just for guitars. With it’s amazing selection of ambient and pitch-based effects, SDD can accentuate and the lush sound of your analog synths, and even make them more musical and spatial.”

Pricing and Availability

The SDD-3000 Delay Pedal is available now, with a street price of about $399. See the Korg site for details on it.

If you’ve used the SDD-3000 with synths, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

11 thoughts on “Korg SDD-3000 Delay Pedal With Synthesizer (KARP Odyssey)

    1. ‘KARP Odyssey’ isn’t something Korg came up with – it’s an unofficial nickname for Korg ARP Odyssey.

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  1. Seems like a pretty cool delay pedal with a lot of variation: chorus, flange, reverse, LCR

    Nice to have patches as well.

    A lot of competition in this area but I could see this being well received.

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  2. It’s huge. Which I don’t get, especially coming from Korg.
    Delay boxes from Strymon (which aren’t exactly shabby) are much smaller.
    And I read that it doesn’t sync to midi clock, which is insane, especially if it’s now targeted at synths and comes with midi ports.

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    1. Sold it for those reasons. Picked up a Boss DD500 instead, which is now my favorite “big box” delay for synths (also own TimeLine and TimeFactor for comparison).

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      1. No clock sync is exactly why I didn’t buy it. Everything else as tested was simply stellar. If I figure out a way to work around that using some MIDI CC method that’s not a PITA then I’d be back on board. Otherwise I’m getting really nice results with an FX send from my mixer to the Audio In of an Electribe.

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  3. While no MIDI sync is a strange omission for sure, I love the sound of my SDD-3000. I also have an H9, DD-500 and SDE-330. The SDD-3000 stands tall even in the company of that kind of talent. I can get lost for hours playing my Karp Odyssey through the H9 Black Hole reverb and SDD-3000 delay.

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