Dorit Chrysler Live – The Theremin Meets The Synchrocyclotron

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Prurience Factory, captures a performance by thereminist Dorit Chrysler, performing at CERN, in front of a synchrocyclotron.

Video Description:

Theremin meets Synchrocyclotron at CERN – the synchrocyclotron accelerating frequency is modulated by the variation of a capacitor, just like the pitch of a theremin.

Dorit Chrysler performs a live variation of her composition Avalanche on a Moog Theremini and Moog Taurus at CERN in front of a synchrocyclotron 2016.

4 thoughts on “Dorit Chrysler Live – The Theremin Meets The Synchrocyclotron

  1. funny to think the theremin was invented casually by the same guy who gave us RFID technology almost a biproduct of espionage against the soviets, eventually dissapearing under dubious circumstances. Thanks bud!

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