The YOCTO Is A DIY Roland TR-808 Clone

808 Day: This video, via Chris Montanaro, demos the YOCTO – a DIY clone of the Roland TR-808 Computer Controlled Drum Machine.

The YOCTO’s audio circuitry is a exact reproduction of the analog part of the TR – 808 (with the exception of the BA662VCA Clap has been replaced by a BA6110). It’s paired with a sequencer that offers 256 patterns, organized into 16 banks of 16 patterns. 

Details on the YOCTO are available at the E-Licktronic site.


11 thoughts on “The YOCTO Is A DIY Roland TR-808 Clone

  1. These guys at E-Licktronic also just released a clone of the 909, Nava, which updates the 909 in only the right ways. Plans from the community are still in development for a case design for the Nava though. Hit up the cats at Erica Synths if you’re looking for an enclosure – they’ve done a limited run of solid metal cases for the Yocto which look super pro. They’ve even cut a hole for a C14 power connector and there’s room in the case for a transformer!!

    1. The metal case for the Nava, made by e-licktronic themselves, has been for sale for some time now, and many people already have theirs. This will probably delay the community based cases from popping up, but they will come eventually.

    1. You’re right, by the time you add the listed Mouser Bill of Materials at about 130 USD and the case options being anywhere from 60-120 USD you’re well over 500 USD but the ticket you pay from E-Licktronic is still 250 euros. The project is about 4 years old but at this point there are a lot of options and info about the project out. The Nava still doesn’t have an actual easy, free design case mapped out and I haven’t seen anyone coming out with a run of metal enclosures for it yet which is where the Yocto was at a couple years back.

      1. you’re about right on the price. for the NAVA a partial Tayda BOM was provided which cut the component budget by about $100. same thing should be possible for the Yocto if someone does the work going through the catalogs.

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