‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack Details

More details have been released for the soundtrack to the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things.

The 8-part science fiction drama is set in the 80’s and is inspired by the cinema of the period. It features a synth soundtrack by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, two members of Austin-based band S U R V I V E, that recalls the soundtracks of Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter.

stranger-things-soundtrackThe soundtrack will be released in two parts:

  • Part 1 is available now in iTunes, followed by a CD version on Lakeshore on Friday, 16th September.
  • Part 2 will be released digitally Friday 19th August, with the CD version coming Friday, 23rd September.


1. ‘Stranger Things’
2. ‘Kids’
3. ‘Nancy and Barb’
4. ‘This Isn’t You’
5. ‘Lay-Z-Boy’
6. ‘Friendship’
7. ‘Eleven’
8. ‘A Kiss’
9. ‘Castle Beyers’
10. ‘Hawkins’
11. ‘The Upside Down’
12. ‘After Sarah’
13. ‘One Blink For Yes’
14. ‘Photos in the Woods’
15. ‘Fresh Blood’
16. ‘Lamps’
17. ‘Hallucinations’
18. ‘Hanging Lights’
19. ‘Biking to School’
20. ‘Are You Sure?’
21. ‘Agents’
22. ‘Papa’
23. ‘Cops Are Good at Finding’
24. ‘No Weapons’
25. ‘Walking Through the Nether’
26. ‘She’ll Kill You’
27. ‘Run Away’
28. ‘No Autopsy’
29. ‘Dispatch’
30. ‘Joyce and Lonnie Fighting’
31. ‘Lights Out’
32. ‘Hazmat Suits’
33. ‘Theoretically’
34. ‘You Can Talk to Me’
35. ‘What Else Is There to Do?’
36. ‘Hawkins Lab’

12 thoughts on “‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack Details

  1. Just started watching the show last week. It didn’t take long for synth fans to catch on. The sound tracks don’t rely heavily on drum grooves & percussion, but rather build intensity with pretty simple step sequenced things and pads. It stays true to the period, avoiding more current harmonic structures or tones.

    After watching two episodes I am hooked. I don’t think it is a spoiler to mention that a surprise musical guest (vocal) appears at the end of Ep2. A big time guest.

  2. Are you talking about Peter Gabriel’s cover of Bowie’s ‘Heroes’?
    That track wasn’t done for the series – it came out over 6 years ago on a covers album he did called ‘Scratch My Back’.
    I think it was at the end of episode 3, not 2, btw…

  3. Yeah, Heroes was an older release. There are a lot of great licensed tracks in the series too. Between this soundtrack and a good playlist of the licensed tunes (use tunefind or just search on Spotify), there’s a lot of music to enjoy 🙂

  4. I like how the older brother Jonathan mentions in a flashback that he likes the Smiths. The show takes place in 1983 so this would have happened before 1983? The Smiths 1st album came out in 84…

    The theme to Stranger Things sounds a bit too much like Cliff Martinez’s “Wanna Fight” from the Only God Forgives soundtrack…


    I like the show, but I think it tries a bit too hard to be nostalgic… I find the music supervision a bit cumbersome and some of the shots are a little too pristine for the mood and style. Needs a bit more of a Garth Marenghi touch.

    Overall 8.2/10 in my books.

  5. I am so happy they’re not doing this on vinyl. Please leave that to us weirdos doing runs of 1000, who are tired of waiting 5-8 months for vinyl to be pressed because of all the OSTs and Beatles reissues.

  6. The show is great and these guys seem cool. I believe they’ve sighted Glass Candy, Chromatics, and the Drive soundtrack as influences as well.

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