Moog Finishing Last Of The System 55 Modular Synths – What Should They Do Next?


Moog Music shared this image of the last of its reissued System 55 modular synthesizers on the production line.

They note:

Putting finishing touches on the last two System 55s at the #MoogFactory today.

55 total made.

Moog reintroduced the System 55 modular synthesizer, along with the System 35 and System 10, last year. The systems are brand new instruments built to classic 1973 designs, using original parts.

With this run of the classic System 55’s going out of production, Moog has built the ability to produce new versions of their classic modules – including sourcing NOS parts and old-school production techniques – but they will no longer have a big modular in their line up. And, there’s clearly interest in the classic Moog systems.

What do you think they should do next, using the skills and processes developed in reissuing these classic systems? Should they come out with an updated modular system? Create new modules in the classic style? Bring some of their classic designs to Eurorack? Or something else completely?

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70 thoughts on “Moog Finishing Last Of The System 55 Modular Synths – What Should They Do Next?

  1. maybe have a sustainable freaking line of modules instead of the insanely expensive completes?
    that would be swell.
    or maybe more than 2 voices on a modern synth.
    they’re 100% capable of doing these things,
    i’m very frustrated i feel like the only one i know of who thinks that.
    i’m good on monophonic synths. what we need is more choice in the sound of moog!
    I adore their products but it feels a little weird how things have been with their product dev lately!

    1. They are selling their product so I don’t think they are too far off in what they are producing.

      They certainly are capable of something else and have admitted they are exploring many ideas. I was told, for instance, that there was no reason they couldn’t scale done most of their modules to the Eurorack format. They have simpy decided too do others things up to now.

      Personally I’d love to have the System 25 + Sequencer but unless my income suddenly doubles that isn’t happening. I’m not sore about it, I have plenty of options and love my Sub37.

  2. a dj mixer!!! with nice filters… I think most moogers would have a heart attack with that one… something stereo. table top. fx thingy…beep

  3. Forget reissuing the Memorymoog. They should develop a new modern polysynth.

    Oh, and don’t name it something stupid like the Polyphatty.

    1. This company hires and manufactures ethically from the ground up. So I don’t think they’ll ever be “affordable”. But the quality they produce. The sub37 is a total bargain.

    2. Would love to see an updated Prodigy, the updates being midi/USB and the sync triggered from the lfo or one of the envelope generators. Luxury would be the extra half octave to give it a full 3 octave keyboard.

  4. They should the 21st century and build modules to the Dotcom format.

    The Dotcom 5U format has the same look and feel of the classic Moog modules, but is technically superior in many ways.

    This would be a win-win for both Moog modular owners and modern 5U system owners.

    I’d love to see a 5U Mother 32!

  5. i think we have enough retro synths. lets make a new classic, that people will still admire in 40 years from now.

  6. Make some modules like a Bode Frequency Shifter or Ring Modulator to put in those sexy beasts. May be the last of the 55’s but it’s also the beginning of some great music!

  7. Do a “Schmidt” Moog-style: 12 voices, four VCOs per voice plus sub, the classic Moog filters, lots of envelopes, LFOs, VCAs, ring, noise, and modular-level flexibility in routing. It would be pricy but, less than one of their Moog modulars would be. Or, put it another way – a Minimoog Voyager XL on steroids with 12-voice polyphony.

    And release the modules from their re-issued modulars individually in both Euro and Dot-com format.

  8. How did Bob Moog succeed in the first place? He took new, expensive, scientific, cumbersome technology being used for electronic music experimentation in labs at the time, and made it available to musicians. He innovated, and changed music as we know it. Yeah, it’s a tall order, but as long as we’re asking, I say do that again. Sure, give us some Eurorack, but also show us something new. Push the envelope instead of just reacting to the current demand. What’s next for electronics and music?

  9. Convert some of the Moogerfooger line to eurorack. Especially the CP-251 control processor and the ring modulator.

    Come up with a new polyphonic with a 5 octave keyboard and ribbon controller that updates from both the the Polymoog and the Memorymoog priced similar to Dave Smiths Prophet 6.

    1. I use my CP-251 in damn near everything.

      One of the best pieces of gear I ever bought.

      It even works as a small keyboard mixer in a pinch.

      The extra lfo helps any monosynth.

  10. They’ll be spending a lot of time repairing the units they sent out. At least 3 modules they sent to my friend were non-functioning.

  11. Make the 901 oscillators, and the System 1P. Go ala carte with 900 Series. More Mother modules. Let Amos innovate a 4 or 6 -voice poly in Sub37 format. Brother kits! Let us all build them. Drum machine!

  12. A polyphonic instrument for keyboard players cross-financed by selling more modules in a popular format. That way, everybody wins. But that’s hard to say without knowing more about the financial situation and business plan of Moog. When in doubt, they should do the right thing in the interest of their employees.

  13. more eurorack modules based on Modular 55 but with new electronics and cheap components, affordable modules that we can buy so we can assembly our 55 model at fraction of cost.
    Very simple to do.

  14. what to do next on your shortlist Moog? isnt it obvious? get the new PolyMoog youve been working on finished and out, before everyone else who has already released a new Polysynth steals all your potential customers for such a product completely…

  15. I know Moog would never do this, but it’s time for a really innovative workstation.

    Something with a 7″ full color tablet screen, a dedicated DAW, onboard effects, keys and MPC style pads. It can have analog circuitry, but it doesn’t have to.

    If I can produce music on my cell phone, someone can make this technology for $1000.

      1. I am just talking about what I want from an instrument in general. Hence why I said “I know Moog would never do this.”

  16. Why not have miniature versions of the original Moog modules in the eurorack format using modern components? I am suggesting smaller versions of the 900 series without using the S-trig technology so these modules would be compatible with existing analog modules using standard CV and gate signals. A custom cabinet resembling a model 15 to house them would be cool too. Include a MIDI to CV / gate facility as a new module or as part of the custom cabinet would be awesome!

  17. Try redesigning the modular modules with three goals in mind:

    1) The signal part should be kept all analogue in each and every module

    2) Modules should be designed with today’s hardware in mind for longevity and serviceability

    3) A standardized backend interface (á la Eurorack) for fast and easy interchanging of modules – maybe a digital “patching interface” as well, e.g. a patchbay of some sorts.

    There’s a lot of modules to be implemented in a modular synthesizer – Doepfer has over 100 of them!
    Moog should keep putting out great-sounding modules (and whole synths as well) as long as there is a demand for them.

  18. an 8 channel unit to fatten up and process hard- and software instruments.
    It should have USB port, so that softsynths could trigger the Moog unit’s envelopes, LFO’s etc.

    Softsynth comnaies should agree on a nw standart for this, so that as much softsynths
    can connect to such units (as i am sure, others would develop similar products, an external SP12erizer
    for DAWs for example)

  19. The Sub37, with delay from the MiniFooger range, six voices each with a track of their own, like the Tempest or A4, and a bandpass filter. That’d be enough.

  20. what should they do when they finish them? send them both to my house! 🙂

    but for real, it would be pretty cool if they made all of these modules in Eurorack format. like a mini version of the 55.

  21. Mother 32 expansion modules. I am using the CP-251 with the M32, so it wouldn’t take many more modules. An MPE compliant hardware synth. There isn’t one on the market yet and with the Mod 15 app they are obviously thinking about that. Something designed specifically for the Linnstrument, Continuum, Soundplane and continuing development of this type or controller. The Mod 15 with the Linnstrument has me captivated more than the M 32 at this moment.

  22. A six voice poly synth with control for four oscillators, two digital and two analog, and an analog filter.

    Think Waldorf Q+ meets Moog Sub 37.

  23. I think a single VCO/voice poly with the Mother-32 oscillator would sound great – six voices and a 5 octave keyboard. Then run it all through the same filter and VCA as the Mother but add an effects section. Also, they should retain the sequencer. They could call it the Majmuea.

  24. I’m a bit skeptical about Moog taking on a poly. Mostly I think they should stick to what they have been proven to do well. They should only do poly if they have a poly visionary in house and they can make something worth making. The PolyMoog was an interesting beast (Tony Banks, for one, played the hell out of it), but it was outside the mainline of Moog development and didn’t really go anywhere.

    The synth business is hard–they shouldn’t bite off more than they can chew.

  25. A semi modular desktop of the sub37.

    New moogerfooger with vca’s and multi stage envelopes, or a moogerfooger sequencer like the sq-1 (2×8) but program save and midi din like the ehx 8 step.
    And more eurorack.

  26. An updated Liberation?

    I agree with some of the posters here, Moog should keep moving forward but I fear that the market is too conservative (and poor) for real innovation. I am sure the likes of Fender try to move forward but will make most of their money from Strat re-issues.

    I love the Sub 37 and this shows evolution. Thank Gawd.

  27. I’d like to see them make more great synths. Of course I’d be curious to see what a Moog Poly would be like. Or a drum machine. Or an analog groovebox with all analog effects including spring reverb and a modular patchpay. But I think they’re doing such a great job already. My interest is piqued with each and every new product they release. If they keep going down the same course, Im sure I’ll love it.

  28. How realistic should we be with our requests? I have no doubt the quality and pride of the build is there and in the lower priced product line as well. Affordable in the synth world is still outta reach for many and part of me feels its insulting to display these systems to the mere mortals. I have a friend who’s convinced these are made or listed with the other “affordable” products so that we will view the less expensive things like MoogerFoogers and Phatty’s and say “Wow the prices on these things are pretty reasonable and I can have the Moog sound” or close to it, or more importantly having the name in their rig. All cynical comments into account the Memorymoog would be cool, the MG-1 would be cool too and would probably sell like hot cakes.

  29. Memorymoog please! They are like 7K now without the LAMM upgrade that costs like 5K and you have to wait for more than a year.. Insane!

  30. I want an analog reverb for large format Moogerfooger line and maybe a small tape delay as well using cassette tapes. Why? Because I like my ‘foogers.

  31. How about an ultra cool looking Moog MIDI controller keyboard with audio outputs that you can also load and play the Moog apps from. Now how about a software Memorymoog? How about Moogerfooger modules for the audio outs on this thing for the included audio inputs? Optional antenna for Theremini? Whadayasay?

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