New Album Explores The Fringe Science Sounds Of Radionics

Sub Rosa has released Radionics Radio, a new album by composer Daniel Wilson that’s inspired by radionics – a fringe science of the early 1900’s that postulated that diseases could be detected by measuring the vibrations radiated by people’s bodies.

Here’s what the label has to say about the new album:

Wilson’s Radionics Radio draws upon the fringe-science of radionics, with its invisible forces and psychic resonances, to spawn electroacoustic and electronic compositions employing very alternative tuning systems. Radionics’ idea that thoughts can be represented as frequencies is vigorously explored on this new release through microtonal compositions which range from mutating drones to electronic sambas, with nods to Raymond Scott and Daphne Oram along the way.

Here’s a video that discusses some of the process behind the music:

One thought on “New Album Explores The Fringe Science Sounds Of Radionics

  1. not sure about “thoughts” per se, but the combined phenomena known as “mind” definitely has a certain hum to it… and it certainly varies in amplitude and pitch, like an oscillator

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