Qu-Bit Wave Brings Polyphonic Sample Playback To Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

qu-bit-wave-sampler-angleQu-Bit has introduced the Wave. a polyphonic, one shot sample player with 16 bit, 44.1kHz audio playback.

The Wave is a voltage controlled, polyphonic sample player. It is designed for the simultaneous playback of four channels of audio. Each channel has its own varispeed pitch control.

The Wave module ships with a microSD card, loaded with drum hits, synth sounds, vocal samples and more. The module can be used as a drum machine within your modular and in many other ways.


  • High quality audio playback
  • 4 banks of 16 samples can be stored at a time (64 total samples)
  • Unlimited file length
  • Ships with microSD card loaded with Wave one shot sample library

Pricing and Availability

The Wave Eurorack module is available now for US $479.00.

6 thoughts on “Qu-Bit Wave Brings Polyphonic Sample Playback To Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

    1. Its the old fat finger drum machine dilemma.Interesting module ,as I recently went the cheap route alternative for sample playback with DIY Modular Thing radio Music module and went for a couple of modules .looking at the online manual at Qu-Bit website, it looks straight forward to make your own Micro SD with your own wavs.The Qu-Bit has the advantage of variable playback [pitch]speed for samples over the radio music thing.However the Qu-Bit wave seems to be a one shot play device,with no play wav in loop repeat mode. The Radio Music module had this feature so you could have sampled Drum loops playing once triggered once.The good thing about modular is theres always a work around no matter which module you get …you just gotta get more modules

  1. tbh, thats pretty expensive and big for a oneshot sample player with no other maning possibilities?! compared to the pico drums (that can play back two samples and has enough memory for even rhodes sounds and pads) i’m not sure why to buy this… and even skiff friendlyness isnt a pro…i’m waiting for the 301, twice as expensive, but a 100 times more possibilities.

  2. I just got one of these, pretty stoked on it. I agree with what everyone says about size (I opened it and was thinking it could have been at least 4 hp smaller), and yeah it’s expensive for what it does.
    However, this thing can hold up to 64 samples, kind of awesome. I’m also under the impression that you can bring multiple other SD cards with you if you have a show and need more samples for other tunes. This was my selling point. I have been stuck with the dilemma of ‘do I bring my laptop’ for shows to help lengthen or fill up my set.
    Probably not the route for die hard modularites, but for larger patches I can’t re-patch in the middle of a set, I can load a recording of say 3 minutes and treat that while playing over top of it.I’ve also recorded drum samples from casios to other analog drum machines…this way I don’t have to bring my whole studio just for a snare drum I like in a 10 pound box.

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