11 thoughts on ““I Have The Technology, But Who Controls Who”

  1. “I can’t play for shit but, it doesn’t matter because I have technology”

    Doesn’t help that your sound design is insipid, your arrangement is weak and your production skills are complete rubbish.

    This piece only proves that technology is only as strong as the musician behind it.

    And I get it. It’s satyircal. Won’t stop me from poking holes in the underlying message.

  2. I’ve never understood the need to rant against people who make music without “playing” instruments. Playing instruments and creating music are both great things but not everyone can do both well.

  3. cool vid bro

    easy tech is partially responsible for half assed oversaturation of certain music content, but let’s not kid ourselves – bad music has always existed.

  4. Technology is the reason I am now drowning in cables and spend more time looking up manuals than playing some days.

    It is a distraction from song writing, the tech can’t do that for you.

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