Korg microKorg-S Updates Classic microKorg With Built-In Speakers, Increased Patch Memory


Korg today introduced the microKORG-S, a new version of the classic microKorg minikey synthesizer that adds built-in speakers, a new sound library, increased patch memory and updated styling.

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“Musicians who gravitate to microKORG can now choose a version that needs no additional speakers, monitors, or other connections to play,” says Korg’s James Sajeva. “The program memory capacity has also been increased twofold, and we’ve added 64 all-new preset programs.”

microKORG-S offers all of the original microKORG’s functionality, including ‘Big Knob’ genre selector for quickly selecting groups of presets, vocoder with an included microphone, arpeggiator and optional battery operation.

Audio Demos of the new sounds:

Here’s the official video intro:

Pricing and Availability

The microKORG-S will be available in September of 2016 for $499.99. See the Korg site for details.

microKORG-S Specifications:

Sound Generation:
Analog Modeling Synthesis System

Synthesizer Programs:
Multi Timbres: 2 (max, Split/Dual Mode)
Maximum Polyphony: 4 voices
Structure: 2 Oscillator + Noise Generator
Multi Mode Filter (-24dB/oct LPF, -12dB/oct LPF/BPF/HPF)
EG x2
LFO x2
Virtual Patch x4

Vocoder Programs:
Maximum Polyphony: 4 voices
Structure: 1 Oscillator + Noise Generator
EG x1
LFO x 2
8 Channels vocoder
Level and pan of each channel can be edited
Formant Shift function

256 programs (192 Presets / 64 Users)
Up to eight favorite programs can be registered

Modulation effects: flanger / chorus, phaser, ensemble (3 types)
Delay: stereo, cross, L/R (3 types)

6 types (UP, DOWN, ALT1/2, Random, Trigger), Step Arpeggiator function

Real-Time control knob x5, Arpeggiator ON/OFF

37-keys (mini-keyboard, velocity sensitive)

AUDIO IN 1 CONDENSER (with MIC/LINE switch, +5V, mini phone jack)
AUDIO IN 1 DYNAMIC (with MIC/LINE switch, 1/4” phone jack)
AUDIO IN 2 LINE (1/4” phone jack)

L/MONO, R (1/4” phone jacks)

(1/4” stereo phone jack)


Amp Output / Speaker:
3 W / 4 cm x 1, 0.5 W / 3.5 cm x 2

3 characters x1 line with 8 segment LED

Power Supply:
DC 9V (AC adapter), or six AA alkaline batteries (sold separately)

Battery Life:
Approximately 4 hours or more (when using alkaline batteries)

Dimensions (W x D x H):
524 x 232 x 70 mm / 20.63″ x 9.13″ x 2.76″

2.5 kg / 5.51 lbs.
(without batteries and included microphone)

Included Items:
AC adapter (DC 9V), Condenser Microphone

Soft Case: SC-micro-MSG

25 thoughts on “Korg microKorg-S Updates Classic microKorg With Built-In Speakers, Increased Patch Memory

  1. A better improvment would have been a USB port and a better editor including a VST integration.
    Really…. who needs these crappy on board speakers…?
    Has anyone ever used the build-in speakers of the volcas? They are also more than useless.

    1. Just because you don’t like the speaker doesn’t mean I don’t. This is highly mobile and cash be battery powered. I actually like taking my battery powered and speaker synths on trips, making patches and just enjoying synthesizing on the go. Not long ago I grabbed my Casio sampler and messed with it for 2 hours on a car trip. Some things are about fun. Some things are about convenience. I like the speaker and it adds value for my purposes.

      1. Totally. In the video [1:06] it says: “high volume 2+1 speaker system built-in”

        Definitely doesn’t appear to be the same as the Volcas’ single speaker.

    2. I agree on the usb thing – it really should have a usb and an editor rather than having to go through a interface, I think speakers are kinda cool as an addition but for me for the price bump it ought to have had an exxtra osc or something other than speakers since the origs go for about $200 less

  2. Still a polyphony of 4? My iPhone 3 managed better than that!!

    I think this synth is really due a core CPU update. Then it could have more polyphony, more interesting oscillator types, filters, effects, etc.

    1. How about twice the polyphony, based off the Radius, with additional FM and PCM waves, multiple filter types, and effects from the KP3? 😉

  3. Makes me want another one. Really wish they would just shrink it down to a desktop module though. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. Oh and throw a Volca style sequencer on it.

  4. Anyone have the new Microkorg S sounds available for download, like as a sysex or .prg? I might be able to offer something in return.

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