Doepfer Intros Voltage-Controlled Eurorack Performance Mixer

At the Modular Music Days 2016, Doepfer introduced two new modules:

  • The A-135-4A VC – a voltage controllable Performance Mixer; and
  • The A-135-4B VCPM expander for the new Performance Mixer, which gives you voltage control support for the parameters of the Mixer. The A-135-4B VCPM is still a prototype.

In this video, via Synth Anatomy, Eurorack standard creator Dieter Doepfer gives an overview of his new voltage-controlled Eurorack performance mixer system.

See the Doepfer site for more information on his designs.

6 thoughts on “Doepfer Intros Voltage-Controlled Eurorack Performance Mixer

  1. This isn’t a voltage controlled performance mixer, its just a mixer.

    The voltage controlled performance mixer hasn’t been developed yet according to the Deeper web site and will be a lot more expensive as iy needs very high quality VCA’s etc….

    1. That’s half true, the mixer concept is modular (as most things doepfer), meaning you can get rid of the voltage control module if you don’t need it. But the concept itself includes the three modules shown, which makes the combo a voltage controlled mixer with one aux channel.

    2. I suspect you did not watch the video where Dieter Doepfer himself says “with voltage control of all parameters … what you see here is the first prototype for the performance mixer….”

      He says clearly that its full of Curtis chips for the VCAs, and that he is confident Curtis will supply a new run for the production model.. Plus the obvious mod inputs of the 4b VCPM and the words “Performance mixer” written on the module all kinda point to this being a performance mixer!

      BTW, on price Dieter says in the vid “in the range of €300”.

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