Roland System-8 Plug-Out Synthesizer In-Depth Overview

In this video, Leonard from Kosmic Sound takes you on a tour of the Roland System-8 Plug Out Synthesizer.

The System-8 can host and control up to three Roland Plug-Out software synthesizers, and new Jupiter-8 and Juno-106 Plug-Out synths are included with purchase.

Topics covered include:

0:33 The tech inside
1:32 Front controls
2:12 Performance modes
3:54 Different modes
4:20 Manual mode
4:52 Arpeggiator
5:17 Chord memory function
6:09 Pitch bend & mod wheel
6:43 How it works
7:25 Oscillators
8:33 Modulation options
10:36 Variation knob
11:41 Second oscillator
12:19 Ring modulation
13:16 Third oscillator
13:59 Mixer
15:14 Filters
17:36 Pitch Envelope
17:52 Mixer – Noise
18:07 Portamento
18:34 Effects
22:46 Step Sequencer
25:07 Other sounds
28:10 Connections on the back
29:20 Who this synth is for

Pricing and Availability

The System-8 PLUG-OUT Synthesizer is priced at $1499 street. Availability is to be announced. See the Roland site for details.

8 thoughts on “Roland System-8 Plug-Out Synthesizer In-Depth Overview

    1. I paid 1600 for my JP8000 when it came out, and so did quite a few others. This has many more features than that synth, with the ability to expand via the plug-out system.

  1. I’m actually liking this more, than DM12.

    Even the System-8’s own engine, let alone when combined with other engines.

    But what other plug outs are they cooking up?

  2. I wish they’d incorporated the patchbay from the System-1m. Can’t imagine them shrinking this beast down into a module format, but perhaps a desktop.

  3. I think this is in essence a good idea but I would not buy it because its price is too close to a prophet 08, although I know it is apples versus oranges.

    How could this interest me (not that anyone cares but still…): Serious processing power and open codes for anyone to develop a “plug-out”. It would come close to the idea of a fusion between a stage keyboard and computer plug-ins: the reliability and practicallity of a stage/workstation keyboard + the versatility of a computer.

    Imagine if you could load Omnisphere into one of these…

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