Russian Electronic Music Jam By ‘The Message’

Sunday Synth Jam: Russian sound designer and electronic musician Anton Mints shared this video, which captures a live performance by The Message, his project with Russian drummer Boris Lifshits

“I hope it will be interesting for you to see how electronic music scene is developing in Russia,” notes Mints. 

They’ve also shared audio of the performance. You can listen to it via the embed below or via their SoundCloud page:



Technical Details:

Track was recorded live using different instruments from Roland, by Boris Lifshits (drummer from rock band Bi-2) and Anton Mints.

10 thoughts on “Russian Electronic Music Jam By ‘The Message’

  1. Really nice. Those Boutique synths do sound lovely.

    I don’t know if I’d call this a live jam though – I noticed a couple of edits in which the keyboard players hand is suddenly Ina different place.

  2. Probably a candidate for the most boring song on Roland Boutique. I had a jam with my metronome. It was so such a great performance compared to this one, i should have recorded it to post on YT. Especially the metronome was rocking tight as hell and sounded like a strange sonic experiment. 😉

  3. Sorry if these is another negative comment but the video shows a lot of knobs manipulation but the audio is boring, almost just mute, unmute tracks. If something additional or important happened during that jam and I had not noticed please tell me. For the positive angle the quality sound is very good.

  4. I’m russian and i want say, thats is the “boring russian house-techno standarts”. Yes, the quality of sound and performance are good. But it’s too mainstream right now. Nothing new.

    p.s. big ups to guys !

  5. Great video guys! I like this track really inspiring. But as I have noticed my roland boutique ju-06 provide some strange noise on the output. Did anyone have the same problem? Big up!

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