Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Live Sampling

This video, via Bonedo, demonstrates how to sampling with Pioneer’s Toraiz Sampler, using external sources.

While it’s not a tutorial, per se, it demonstrates sampling, further sound processing with internal digital effects, filtering and more.

Track: Mijk van Dijk with Johannes Talirz – The Chic Flic (Superstition Records)

16 thoughts on “Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 Live Sampling

    1. The touch screen really isn’t fussy; the screen responds quickly and the UI isn’t too small to use…but…

      …they decided that, when using menus, you must move to the multi-function knob to the right in order to move and make your selections. You can’t select your sample with your finger, for instance.

      Having been a software developer for most of my life, I have to say it’s one of the weirder bits of UI programming that I’ve seen.

  1. This seems a stunning product.The eight outs are vital in recording and for me those out makes this a serious sampler.I am a bit put off by the price and I am hoping that this will drop.The words Dj…on it make me cringe.A good video of a great sampler.

  2. Hmmm. Looks like it takes ages to chop a sample or make it play ready. Not that i don`t like the idea of getting a bit distance from my computer but i find this method extremely slow in comparison to how fast i can do this in my computer. Is an MPC workflow that slow too?

  3. Maybe I am wrong, but I can see a User Interface/User Experience problem in this product. No offence, but seems more painful than Elektron machines to operate.

    1. It really isn’t, though your familiarity with an Elektron Octatrack might make you feel that way. Sampling is very straightforward. It IS much easier on a computer, though. Other functionality is behind Elektron, though. I am excited about the updates that Pioneer has promised for this machine that will make it as functional as my Elektron gear.

  4. i’m not shure, but….
    why the hi-fi industries don’t make a new standard protocol of musical files that have both
    .wave + midi clock inside?

  5. I think the perceived UI problem may be somewhat due to the fact that he is trying to do it while staying out of the way of the camera. That can be awkward. It also looks like the interface is new to him. I imagine that once you know the interface it wouldn’t be bad at all.

  6. This seems pretty cool. However I can’t help but wish someone would make basically a volca sample with slightly expanded functionality and memory at perhaps something less than 10x the cost. Is that too much to ask? I can’t be the only person thinking this…

    1. An sp404? A used mpc1000? A used Electribe es1? A used iPod touch running one of the hundreds of sampling apps? If you want a sampler that isn’t $1k but cost a bit more than $100, you have plenty of options.

  7. I don’t like the workflow. I hope some day we see the return of the hardware MPCs or Roland MVs, merging sampler and Midi sequencer in one unit and maybe with the creative vision of the Ocktatrack.

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