New Max For Live Device Brings Push-Like Control To Your Drum Rack

AZ-LABS has released Drum Rack Control – a Max For Live device that is designed to give you detailed control over each individual Simpler sound in your Drum Rack, using any MIDI-controller (or your mouse).


  • Control the sound of each individual Drum Pad from an uncluttered interface that has been solely optimized for effective drum sound design.
  • A workflow designed for both creating new Drum Racks from the scratch as well as working with existing Drum Rack presets or by using Live’s “Slice to new MIDI Track” function.
  • Creative Warping: While Simpler’s GUI only allows to double or half the warp amount, “Drum Rack Control” allows a much more fine grained control over the Warp amount from 5% – 400%. In conjunction with 6 different warp modes, this allows for subtle to extreme sound shaping possibilities!
  • Dynamic Automapping: All parameters are Key- and MIDI-mappable and dynamically control the Simpler that is in the currently selected DrumPad.
  • Works out-of-the-box for Push 1 and all other supported control-surfaces that give access to device’s parameter banks

Pricing and Availability

Drum Rack Control is available for 12.00 EUR individually or 19.00 EU as part of the AZ’s Full Bundle.

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