Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 vs Oberheim OB-6

in this video, Sweetwater’s Daniel Fisher compares the Dave Smith Prophet-6 and OB-6.

Fisher notes that there are more similarities between the two synths than differences; but they each have some unique features that make them sound very different.

Check it out and let us know how you think they compare in the comments!

Technical Details:

When the Prophet-6 is updated to OS Version 1.3.1 or higher, it gets two additional Flangers plus a Ring Modulator and a new Phaser, making the effects list of both the Prophet-6 and OB-6 much closer.

Since the sound engine for the Desktop Module versions of each synth are the same as their 49-key versions, this video is appropriate for all four products:

12 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6 vs Oberheim OB-6

  1. In my ears OB sounded orchestral like it should be (effected). Otherwise Prophet was similar but filters was bit more acressive and versative. Liked them both after all. Good work from Tom and Dave.

  2. Oh I’m so confused!? The prophet I’ve heard in person and it blows me away it’s like a poly moog 37. I haven’t heard the OB-6 in person yet, seems to have more harmonics going on, and more luscious effects. It’s very Electric Light Orchestra (in an awesome way!) but it’s so different to what I expect out of my analogue synths. I like the rougher edge, and I don’t know if I’m brave enough to use that ELO Magic in my music?

  3. The next time there is a DSI buy one get one of equal or lesser value for free special, I will get them both and compare them myself.

  4. Really helpful video – I played both synths at the Frankfurt MusikMesse (and had a nice chat with Dave Smith) but I couldn’t hear as much difference as this more systematic/clinical test. I now know for sure which I prefer – will need to write to Father Christmas…

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