17 thoughts on “Roland System-8 First Sounds

  1. gee, really wish it had 5 octaves… great sounding synth… but as a controller, can’ have it right in front of me all the time!

  2. I also think the TI is better and far more flexible. Amazing really as it has been out 10 years! I just think VA is done now that people can make real analogue cheaper and with a higher voice count!

  3. so looking forward to this. love my system 1 (apart from the keybed). Bring on the Jupiter 8 & JP8000 v2.0…
    The 106 will be all cream on the top 🙂 just hope for a Alpha Juno 1/2 pulg-out next.

  4. how many times do you want to insult us Roland with a failed digital “Jupiter 8” synth copy … give up trying just make the Analog Jupiter 8 again already. Sheesh.

  5. Doesn’t stand out amongst its competitors. Maybe future demos will show something impressive. It sounds good, but it doesn’t sound better than a Blofeld, or King Korg. I’d gladly sacrifice knobs for 3 times the polyphony. I could understand this limitation if it sounded better, but this just feels like an Apple style incremental release. So far I agree with the VST fanboys on this one. Why bother?

  6. funny to hear some people prefer the Virus as a VA synth. The Virus is ancient and it sounds like it for a VA. For a dance machine the Virus is fine but for analog like sounds it pales in comparison to the system-8.

    The Virus is a nice synth, I don’t deny that. But it’s not sounding analog in any way. It’s a well deserved price winning machine but just not a modern VA.

  7. Well… Part of the reason why I decided to buy one is because it’s not analog and it doesn’t sound like one. Sure, I like and own analog synths but I don’t play Journey covers or Berlin School. This is a digital synth and to my ears it’s a damn fine sounding one, and a unique instrument. It’s been thirty years since I last bought a Roland, and I’m buying this one.

  8. All this analogue modelling stuff does is waste 1000s of CPU cycles per sample, so a 10 year old Virus TI can give you 90 voices, FM, granular etc. whereas Roland can only push out 8 pseudo-analogue voices. Is the difference worth it?

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