PixelNoises Pixel Art Synth T-Shirts

ms-twenty-pixel-synth-womens-premium-t-shirtFelix of The Tuesday Night Machines has launched a line of synth pixel art T-shirts.

The designs, which are inspired by old-school 8-bit pixel graphics, include a modular synthesizer, the Korg MS-20 and more.

The designs are available on shirts and bags via the PixelNoises Spreadshirt store.


7 thoughts on “PixelNoises Pixel Art Synth T-Shirts

  1. Shock Horror,–looks like PixelNoises provide for men and women, with a simple small .low price, well chosen range of designs.I like the idea of having a tote or shoulder bag for patch cables and modular accesories…I didn’t get the previous comments BTW.

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