Chiptune Halloween Music From Pterodactyl Squad

Pterodactyl Squad has unleashed a spooky faux-OST chiptune album for Halloween, lpower’s F13

F13 is the soundtrack to a video game, heavily inspired by the Friday the 13th horror series. It all began when David Arseneau started work on a post-grad research project into how pop culture phenomena are pieced together from various component parts and he chose to explore slasher movies and the Friday the 13th franchise.

One aspect of this project was creating a working video game and so he enlisted lpower to provide the soundtrack, as well as much of the in-game pixel art. The soundtrack was creatd using a variety of samples from vintage synths and sound chips.

You can listen to or download the album via bandcamp. Cassette versions are also available.


5 thoughts on “Chiptune Halloween Music From Pterodactyl Squad

  1. Thanks for posting this! Perhaps the artist deserves more mention than a snarky comment unrelated to the music.

    As chiptunes go, this is good. Fitting to the composition style of the format it seeks to emulate, but with an added level of finesse, benefiting from its modern creation.

    There is nothing preventing perusers of chiptunes or game music from enjoying this any day of the year.

    1. These tracks were written for an actual video game. I think that is what makes them sound so …cohesive.

      Most chip tune albums just seem to be all over the map, style wise.

    2. not saying music is not good, no too bad and would be neat to hear other pieces

      I just have this thing about the way holiday theme items are handled sometimes

      (ever get a x-mas theme item on x-mas?)

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