Elektron Intros Analog Drive Multi-Circuit Analog Distortion Unit


Elektron today introduced the Analog Drive, a 100% analog distortion stompbox, offering eight different analog distortion circuits.

“The eight different analog distortion circuits makes the Analog Drive the most flexible stompbox there is,” says Elektron CEO Jonas Hillman. “It is the perfect match for any guitar rig and does wonders for mono synthesizers and vintage drum machines too.”


  • The sheer sonic range of the Analog Drive, courtesy of the eight different analog distortion circuits, is in itself a marvel. One stompbox harboring so many tone shaping opportunities: unheard of until now. Analog Drive is a bottomless well of new sounds.
  • 3 band analog EQ – The mid band is sweepable, which is very handy for dialing in the perfect EQ setting. The mid EQ can also be controlled with an expression pedal, making it easy to create analog wah-like sounds.
  • Store up to 100 user presets
  • All settings are fully controllable via MIDI and it can even send MIDI program change messages.


  • 100% analog signal path
  • 8 different analog distortion circuits
  • 3 band analog EQ, with sweapable mid
  • 100 user preset slots
  • MIDI IN/OUT ports
  • ¼? audio input
  • ¼? audio output
  • 2 × Expression pedal input
  • Fully controllable via MIDI
  • Capable of sending MIDI program change

Analog Drive Audio Examples:

Pricing & Availability

Analog Drive is available now, priced at $379/€399/£349.

23 thoughts on “Elektron Intros Analog Drive Multi-Circuit Analog Distortion Unit

  1. Based on the name of the unit (drive), the name of the available settings and the tagline (distortion) one can assume this thing can give you distortion, fuzz and overdrive, which for some reason are separate things in the majority of stompboxes. If this does and it is analog, then this is perfect. And programmable!! Strymon style (only analog).
    I can see a couple of bass guitar examples but no soft “tube overdrive”. Is this capable of doing that? If it is I’m buying it.

      1. Oh yes, they are. That is what I meant. 😛
        An analog pedal (this one) with different settings and memory is perfect. I wish it has a soft drive setting for bass

    1. well distortion and overdrive are very related as both tend to be a gain/overdrive boost, the clipping and color that you get out of fuzz really varies by component. I have 9 different fuzz pedals at home and they really run the gambit of tubey over-gain to total breakup, almost square-waving destruction of the sound.

  2. Ok this appeals to me much more than that complicated desktop thing.

    Just plug it in to anything and choose a sound you love. Fixable by eq. My only complaint would be only one input. It’d be cool if I could have my guitar in channel a and my synth in channel b (and another synth in channel c!) but that’s cool.

  3. Sweepable MID via control pedal is very clever.

    Sounds great and it’s priced right. A single product in the guitar pedal market seems kind of tough. The two shops in my city that sell Elektron gear (that I’m aware of) do not sell guitar pedals (other than Moog pedals, I guess). Maybe they have plans for more? I mean, I imagine those synth shops will stock these as Elektron is a solid performer but with that video and the pedal’s form factor so tailored toward guitarists, seems like guitar shops are where they want to be.

  4. first distortion that was launched first for the synth crowd and then for guitar players :p the video rocks especially the part that showcases the expression pedal funcionality

  5. I was already looking at that Heat as an addition to my guitar pedal board. this is exciting. Also thrilled about the MIDI connectivity remaining. I’d really like to see more effect pedals with more complex connectivity… very cool.

  6. I am surprised its mono . I like distortion via a desk personally. I don’t hear anything too impressive in this product , but its good to see the company branching out. When is the rack mono synth coming out? or the rack sample player with 8 outs. ???

  7. I got the same feeling as I did when listening to the Heat demos – all those “different cicruits” sound too much in the same ballpark to my ears. They sound ok on synths but on guitar they’re pretty sub-par compared to some mid price range guitar pedals. I actually know of some plugins that do a better job sonically.

    If only Dreadbox would do something like this, then we’d have a real tone box worthy of the name. So John, if you’re reading this and don’t know what to make after the white lines…..

  8. Good luck to Elektron and hopefully they’ll never ditch their electronic music instruments (as stuff meant for guitarists usually means easier money)

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