Free Roland System 100 Sample Construction Kit

roland-system-100-sample-libraryReader Rick Taylor let us know about a free sample library that he’s shared that was created with a Roland System 100 synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

I just uploaded a pretty big collection of waveforms from the System 100 synthesizer.

Essentially, it’s just a series of simple waveforms (saw, square, triangle, noise) but what’s interesting is it’s completeness, typically I’ve sampled each note over a 6 octave range and for each note there are 8 velocity layers with different filter settings. When used with a sampler, that allows velocity morphing (like EXS24 or Kontakt), so you can simulate the sound of the filter opening and closing.

I given it up to the public domain, so there are no restrictions on it’s use.

It’s a free download via the Modular Samples site.

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