S U R V I V E Meets The Korg Monologue

In this official Korg video, the members of the Austin synth band S U R V I V E check out the new Korg Monologue analog synthesizer. 

Band members Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein scored the summer Netflix sci fi hit, Stranger Things.

Pricing and Availability

Korg’s Monologue will be available for pre-order starting November 1, 2016, for US $299.99, with an in-store date of January 9, 2017. To learn more visit the Korg website.

17 thoughts on “S U R V I V E Meets The Korg Monologue

  1. Love the design, interface, sequencer, but could someone upload a demo with non nasty distorted heavily fast modulated sounds, please?. 00:39 sounds nice but a bit boring. I like my synths to be capable of gentle but still alive sounds.

  2. marketing person: let’s make a video and pretend it is spontaneous!

    (irony off) why cannot we see and hear a demo that actually demoes something instead of hearing the waffle of paid endorsers i do not care about?

  3. The video is probably fine, but not for synthtopia. There have already been some nice introduction to that synth, so there’s no need for more – especially if it doesn’t say anything really. If there’s one person who should introduce that synth, it should be afx himself – as he is said to be author of some of its presets.

  4. How much drugs are you doing that you can’t afford a Minilogue? Monosynths cant compare. Its my personal opinion that more than 4 voices is a little muddy sounding. I would prefer a modulation matrix update, not a piece of microwaveable junk.

    1. The BS2 is a nice synth, no doubt, but it’s $100 more. That’s a nice delay pedal. 🙂

      What’s cool about 2016 is that there are a nice set of <$400 analog mono synths available and they all have different feature sets. Microbrute has patching, this has the sequencer, presets and full MIDI, BS2 has presets, MIDI and full sized keys… Something for everyone.

      Once this lands, a sub-$400 analog monosynth round up would make for a nice Synthtopia "feature" article. I don't get the feeling any of these are going away anytime soon.

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