Social Entropy Engine 303-Style Sequencer Probability Features

Developer John Kimble shared this video that demos new probability features of his Social Entropy Engine 303-style multitrack step sequencer.

The video demonstrates probabilistic direction, which lets you add random variations to sequences.

Here’s an overview of the Engine Sequencer from Kimble at the 2015 NAMM Show:

Pricing and Availability

The Social Entropy Engine step sequencer is available, starting at US $665.

11 thoughts on “Social Entropy Engine 303-Style Sequencer Probability Features

  1. Ive got one, its pretty rad. Calling it a 303 style sequencer at this point is a bit of a misnomer. 8 channels of melodic or rhythmic sequencing (step or real time) with lots of tweaky little options and extras like arpeggiation and modi to cv conversion is a bit beyond a 303.

    1. Why you’d need to stick it into a case? With CV card you could use this with an eurorack modular, as far as I have understood.

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