Synth & VJ Improvisation

This video, Momec X Niemannsland, captures a live synth + VJ improvisation.

This jam was recorded as a pre-rehearsal for an upcoming live Momec and Niemannsland gig. Both music and video are improvised on the spot.

Here’s what Momec has to say about it:

The music is performed on a hybrid system consisting of an Elektron Analog Rytm and a case full of eurorack modules, driven by a Beatstep Pro from Arturia. In this recording the bass and chords are coming from the modular. The bass is just a simple sine patch (Fits the dubby vibe very well). The chord comes from the magnificent MFB Osc02 going in to the Intellijel Polaris filter.

Visuals are coming straight out of the amazing TouchViz app for iOS, with a lot of custom material used.

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