10 thoughts on “ARP 2600 Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Alright!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!! Korg is finally releasing the 2600 reissue that everyone wanted, and with full size keys!!!!!!!!!

    Woo Hoo!!!! Way to go Korg!!!!!

  2. I had synthesis lessons on the 2600 when studying music. Such a good time that was. The school had a synthi on a closet collecting dust and a Korg PS3200 somewhere tucked away in a corner of the classroom. Crazy! I wonder what happened to those synths..

  3. I bought a 2600 in 1983 for $150. I wanted money so bad for a DX7 I sold it for $50. Please feel free to nominate me into the Rock n Roll Hall of Jerks

  4. I bought a new 2600 in 1980 for $2,000 and sold it a little over a year later for $1,000 to fund my new gear addiction. I think I put the money towards a Memorymoog, IIRC. Still wish I had the 2600.

    1. Clients would joke that my studio was museum of useless keyboards. Jupiter 8, Oberheim OB-XA, Pro-One, Roland SH-3, SH-5, SH-7, the 2600, Rhodes, Wurli , Yamaha CP-70, Moog Opus. The sale of the lot got me a DX-7 and an Ensoniq Mirage.

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