New Microphone System, ZYLIA ZM-1, Lets You Multitrack From A Single Mic

ZYLIA has introduced a new microphone system, the ZYLIA ZM-1, that’s designed to let you make multitrack recordings from a single microphone.

The ZYLIA ZM-1 is a special type of microphone that was designed specifically for multi-track music recording.


The microphone records in a 3D array, and then you can use ‘virtual microphones’ to extract individual tracks. 

ZYLIA Studio is a dedicated application for recording and processing:

ZYLIA Cloud is the audio processing heart of the ZYLIA Portable Recording Studio. Main features of the cloud platform:

Here’s a demo of the ZM-1 system in action:

Pricing and Availability

ZYLIA ZM-1 is available for pre-order for US $999. The cloud processing service is available for $10/month for 10 hours of audio processing.