Buchla + Eurorack Synth Jam – “Lullaby For E”

Sunday Synth Jam: This live modular performance, by Steve H, features Buchla 200e modular synth, combined with his Eurorack system.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details:

The Buchla is not Eurorack compatible… or should I say Eurorack is not Buchla compatible. 😉 They utilize completely different voltage scales.

So I had to deploy a Eurorack module by Synovatron, the VCGT1, to translate the Buchla’s VCs and pulses into Eurorack standard.

Now the Buchla’s 222e (Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input Port and its companion module, the 223e Tactile Input Port play nice with my Eurorack system, allowing me to layer melodies and synchronizing pulses of both synth system.

The Buchla’s main sound generator is the 261e where I am controlling the timbre and symmetry of its waveform with the left X/Y pad on the Buchla’s “keyboard”.

The Eurorack’s sound is created with Mutable Instruments’ Rings. The arpeggiation is created by the 222e also -its a very flexible device where every “key” can be programmed with its own, specific function. This is some of the magic and power of the Buchla’s analog/digital design. It also remembers every patch/knob setting.

The Buchla’s auto-panning audio is passing through the 4MS Dual Looping Delay followed by some QU-Bit RT60 reverb. Then both the Buchla and the Eurorack output into Logic Pro X with some slight phasing (to add timbral motion) another stereo delay and my favorite Logic reverb (SilverVerb) to glue it all together and give it the dreamy feel I was looking for.

After all, it is a lullaby for my favorite little guy. Sweet dreams!

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