Live Song Performance With Novation Circuit, ‘Break’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live song performance by Deerful (Emma Winston).

Here’s what she has to say about the technical details:

USB cardioid mic into Ableton, track muted; circuit into iRig Pro into Ableton, track soloed but very low volume so I can *just* hear it enough to sing with but there’s not much bleed into the mic and I can mix them separately.

I’m mostly using visual feedback from the Circuit to sing to. I hate performing with headphones enough that I’d rather do it like this even though I know it’s a stupid setup.

17 thoughts on “Live Song Performance With Novation Circuit, ‘Break’

  1. Very well done.

    I am curious though, I haven’t heard any demos of anything more nonconventional done with Circuit. Maybe I haven’t dug deep enough. Can anyone provide examples?

  2. sort of random question… but how is it working without power connected and with audio cable not plugged in? Is it rigged up w/ battery and audio connection to below that wooden platform?

  3. Key to playing with Circuit is getting rid of the presets. It has super awesome synth engine inside, but the presets are horrendous. This video sounds like presets though. The song could also benefit from a more organic bass instrument for example. Nice song nevertheless.

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