Live Performance For Modular Synthesizers & Aloe Vera Plant

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance, for modular synthesizers and Aloe Vera plant, by synthesist Mark Berman

On November 19th, Berman performed at the contemporary The Rest Is Noise platform, as an supporting act for Huerco S.

Berman’s performance is based on biofeedback with an Aloe Vera plant and modular synthesis. He shared a diagram, documenting his patch for the piece:

“The patch…is completely based around the Bastl Instruments SENSE module,” notes Berman. “The Sense module picks up the electricity of the plant and creates voltages that you can use in your patch.”

“But I was amazed when I stumbled upon this phenomena,” he adds. “If you tune the module right, you are able to not only use the plant a source or trigger. But you can also use it to control your whole composition without touching it. Sort of like an Theremin I guess..”

3 thoughts on “Live Performance For Modular Synthesizers & Aloe Vera Plant

  1. Interesting, but the high pitch drone at the beginning and later in the piece sounded like the aloe vera was being tortured. I couldn’t take it.

    1. Agreed, I had to skip way ahead. If it’s a tone you would complain about from a machine or light fixture, please don’t include it in your music!

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