Holiday Synth Jam With Christmas Tree MIDI Controller

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, captures a synth jam that features a Christmas Tree MIDI controller and a bunch of other bizarro holiday goodness.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

the keyboard was made by wrapping baubles in tinfoil and attaching them to a Bare Conductive TOUCH BOARD. to trigger the synth………. was gunna go silent night but that needed 9 notes… we ran out of baubles :O.

the train was only 6 quid from Poundstretcher stretcher so we made use of it, the trains battery was wired to a tinfoil bauble on its chimney which when it goes past tinfoil icicles dancing above it it makes contact and triggers a nice old sleigh bell sound….. lovely

the circuit bent santa was a bit of a dodgy one, as it had hardly any electronics inside it! but that was easily solved by a 1k potentiometer between the positive terminal of the battery and the sound chip board!. it also has a trigger in, turning it on momentarily just to say HO.

but after we pulled down the set, we realised we didn’t actually record that bit… oops.

if you are interested in circuit bending check out casper electronics who has a website full of really useful info.

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