Mutable Instruments Ambika Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

mutable instruments ambika

Before Mutable Instruments became on of the most popular developers of modules for Eurorack synthesizers, they created some amazing DIY synths, including the Shruthi, the Anushri & the Ambika.

This video, via Recbutton, offers an overview and demo of the Ambika, a hybrid polyphonic synthesizer. 

The Ambika design consists of a motherboard and 6 voicecards, each of them carrying a ‘turbocharged’ version of the Shruthi hybrid synthesizer. This synth architecture features digital waveform synthesis paired with analog VCF/VCAs.

Whether you want to use this as six monosynths, a six-voice polysynth, or anything in-between is up to you: MIDI channels/keyboard range/patches/voices are distinct concepts, allowing complex layered, split, multitimbral setups. In addition, each voice has a switched individual output.

The second video features audio demos of the Ambika:

The design of the Ambika is freely available, with a Creative Commons (cc-by-sa 3.0) license.

10 thoughts on “Mutable Instruments Ambika Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. This is still one of my favourite synths and it’s full of character. I really miss the DIY line from Mutable I Instruments. It’s a good thing the oldies live on, and I’ve yet to assemble my final Shruthi.

    1. Missing the (not so long) ago days of the Mutable DIY projects as well . . . i’m still very satisfied with my Shruti . . . still hoping on some DIY project outside of the eurorack range! For example a effectbox with can compare and dare the analog heat . . reverb like a eventide harmonizer or something like that kind of stuff.

  2. Coincidentally I just took delivery yesterday of a brand new Ambika built by Sebastian Hennig – it’s a truly brilliant synth – as I knew it would from my PatchMorpher experiments with the Shruthi-1. I wonder how many are out there in the wild?

    1. Ive got one from Sebastian as well… love this synth… already one of my all time favorites. Already thinking about getting another one with the SVF filters…

  3. Hi ,

    Ambika and Shruthi lives again, Since one year i had take over all Shruthi PCB’s and the AMBIKA PCB’s.
    Only the name had changed to Shruthi = Phoenix and Ambika is now TuBika .
    I offer single PCB’s and also full kits . Look to

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