Nord Intros Royal Grand 3D Piano Library

Nord has announced The Royal Grand 3D – a new piano virtual instrument that was recorded using a dummy head binaural microphone.

The dummy head is shaped like an average sized human head, equipped with ear shaped microphones, in order to reproduce the human hearing experience. The Royal Grand 3D was recorded in an acoustically dampened room where the dummy head was placed in the player’s position to capture the experience of actually sitting in front of the piano.

This binaural recording technique is designed for headphone playback, but the Royal Grand 3D sounds amazing on regular stereo speakers too.

A multi-microphone recorded version of the Royal Grand will be available winter 2017.

The Royal Grand 3D is available now as a free download. See the Nord site for details.

4 thoughts on “Nord Intros Royal Grand 3D Piano Library

    1. It does not sell modular…and on the other hand…Nord have soon 10 different pianos or more in their colllection… people dont buy 10 different pianos..this Richard Clayderman thing must soon be over…i hope…

  1. That’s an extraordinary piano sound. I love the idea of using the dummy head mics in the player’s position. Clearly the microphones themselves are top-notch. Those tones are beautiful. Too bad it’s a gear-specific format. I wish they’d release those samples as a pay-library for other samplers.

  2. I just used it on my Nord! Man!! Solid, thick and strong from the bottom to the upper part!! I love it! My new favorite piano from Nord.

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