Stop-Motion Animation Electronica Video – ‘Back Into The Dark’

Reader David Rosen shared this stop-motion animated music video for his latest song – Back Into The Dark.

The song comes from his new album, Head Like Fire.

Technical Details:

Sounds from u-He Hive, Spectasonics Omnisphere and reFX Nexus 2. Video created by Visual Artist Bea Landers.

6 thoughts on “Stop-Motion Animation Electronica Video – ‘Back Into The Dark’

  1. Thanks for the comments. I’m so glad people are digging it. Bea did an amazing job on the video and it’s one of my favorite tracks on my new album. Definitely dark, and definitely a little creepy 🙂

    And thanks Synthtopia for sharing!

    1. Thanks for watching and I gotta admit, I wrestle with genre labelings all the time with my music haha. I even wrote a blog about it over on my website. I stick with “electronica” because technically it’s all electronic music (there’s not a single guitar in that song believe it or not), but it’s not like EDM or anything… And I try to pull in sounds from all kinds of influences from film scores and alternative music to industrial and everything else. But my catch all genre label is “electronica.” Sometimes it fits pretty perfectly, but in this case, not exactly. Regardless, glad you dug the track and video 🙂

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