Elektron Analog Rytm Jam (#jamuary2017)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Lingk, captures a live synth jam, featuring the Elektron Analog Rytm.

The performance is in response to Cuckoo’s challenge to upload a jam a day in #jamuary2017. If youre participating, share a link to one of your videos in the comments!

Technical Details:

Everything is being played back on the Elektron Analog RYTM. Kick, clap, high hats are from the RYTM. Bass and stabs / Pads are custom samples.

9 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Rytm Jam (#jamuary2017)

  1. The main melodic motif doesn’t change throughout the whole jam. Given that it is the most prominent element in the mix, it feels too repetitive. No harmonic changes, just a rhythmic progression, which would have been more interesting on it’s own. A lot more prep work would have been in order.
    Sorry if this is harsh, just an honest personal opinion.

    Peace 🙂

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