GLASYS Performs ‘Malady’

Sunday Synth Jam: Portland-based synthesist Gil Assayas shared this live performance of his solo act GLASYS, filmed for TV broadcast for PDX Spotlight.

Assayas performs his song Malady.

Technical Details:

Drums (Nord Drum 2) are sequenced using a Social Entropy Engine, everything else is played live on the Nord Stage 2.

5 thoughts on “GLASYS Performs ‘Malady’

  1. Yea, it seems to be inspired by that Thomas Dolby aesthetic– kind of dramatic harmonic content, poetic lyrics. But yea those arpeggios sound quantized. Amazing. I can’t come close to thinking that fast, much playing that fast. He’s clearly done some effective practicing!! The other things he’s managing while doing that playing is pretty wild. Impressive use of tech. Cohesive.

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