Improvised Modular Techno Performance – ‘Another Dimension’

Sunday Synth Jam: Belarusian electronic musician radiokoala performs Another Dimension, an excerpt from a 1-hour long improvised techno performance.

Technical Details:

radiokoala doesn’t use pre-made patterns when performing, instead building his soundscapes piece by piece. VJ effects by Artemiy Kalinin are mapped on every surface available. Filmed by Olga Mankovskaya on August 13, 2016 in Minsk.

Korg SQ-1 used for sequencing. Modular is patched in duophonic manner: Mutable Instruments Tides (filtered by L-1 2180 VCF) plays the bassline, whereas Mutable Warps is responsible for melodic lines, and is processed with a modulation delay. Drums courtesy of custom modular drum samples (sequenced from volca sample OKGO edition) & korg volca beats.

3 thoughts on “Improvised Modular Techno Performance – ‘Another Dimension’

    1. Thanks for the comments, guys!

      @velocipede – I have uploaded more clips from the show to this folder, the first one was shot just before the one posted, hope it bates your curiosity in this regard:

      @K – actually four oscillators, add a Sputnik DWG VCO pair (search for “258c” on modulargrid). In context of this performance I only used it for phase-modulating Warps and not much else, though. I had one fm’d by another, and both tracking the same sequence as the main voice. Similar thing with the filter: it was also “keytracking”, SQ-1 CV output patched both to it and Tides.

      Another interesting bit I forgot to touch on in description is that Warps internal oscillator is being fed back into one of its channels, this is an interesting technique that I discovered which makes for a surprising tonal variety. Cross-modulated with itself, Warps becomes an interesting complex VCO hybrid-thing in 10 HP, and running it further through a delay adds even more tonal sculpting options.

      Last but not least, @synthtopia – thanks so much for posting!

      – Igor

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