Behringer DeepMind 12 Custom Patches

This video, via GEOSynths, demos 10 custom patches for the new Behringer DeepMind 12 analog synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about the patches:

Just 10 Patches that I have made from scratch, mainly evolving sounds and all with FX (because I love FX).

Been getting to know the DeepMind 12 a great deal more, testing out the modulation capabilities and FX routing.

This is a great Synth and proving itself to be a Pad Monster…Just another 100 patches to make…

15 thoughts on “Behringer DeepMind 12 Custom Patches

  1. Extraordinary! Is it possible that once 100 patches are reached, they might be available for download or possibly included in future updated versions of DM12? Thanks for the demo!

  2. This thing sounds superb.
    Hopefully Behringer will consider a 62 note keyboard version.
    Doesn’t make any sense how the Matrixbrute is monophonic and has the same number of keys as the DM.

  3. Best Video yet on the DeepMind!!!
    The no talking about stuff every synthesist knows is brilliant.

    I surely do not miss “Well I took a note, a sawtooth wave, right off this Deepmind 12, put it back here, regenned it through itself, looped it back, mixed it with the sound of this crab committing suicide and let it stew in its own reverb for about three hours, and then I pump it all out through this old shoe to give it that oaky timbre.”

  4. If the Prophet 8 had such a propaganda marketing campaign, only few would pay attention to the DM12.
    It’s just the FX that makes the Behringer sing. A Prophet 8 would scream on such an FX-Engine!
    Two full oscillators, multitimbrality and rich performances put beside……

    1. I have a P8 in my rack, it does sound great with external effects (doesn’t need a lot) but it also costs a lot more….and I had to pay 30 quid extra for a PC editor! The DM12 sounds more than good enough for less money and has all the ‘modern’ bells and whistles. I suspect the P8 is being replaced very soon anyway….

    1. Given some of the demos I’ve listened to… I think that statement might not be too far off.

      But it does sound nice, doesn’t it?

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