Tangerine Dream Live Stream From Budapest

Organizers of the Chip Festival 2017, happening January 28th-29th in Budapest, Hungary, are planning a live stream of the event’s Tangerine Dream concert.

The concert, a tribute to the late Edgar Froese, will be streamed Sat. Jan 28th at 1900 CET (1pm Eastern Time/12 Noon Central Time/11 am Mountain Time/10 am Pacific).

1080p HD Video Stream:

You can watch the HD video stream via the embed above or here.

The event will also be streamed in 360° video:

13 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Live Stream From Budapest

    1. Click the Gear icon in the player and you should get a pop-up that lets you select a lower streaming video resolution.

      I dropped it down to 360p and its not breaking up for me. It probably depends a lot on where you are, though.

    1. The current lineup is one of their best in years – back to a real electronic sound, and Ulrich Schnauss is a great addition to TD.

      Check out ‘Particles’ and last year’s live album – lots of great stuff!

  1. Watched it from an hour in onwards, really beautiful stuff. The live stream was a bit intermittent but if it was recorded I’d love to jear the whole thing. I’ll also have to check outthe recent studio albums Quantum Key and Particles, I haven’t heard hem yet and this current TD has a great, densely electronic sound.

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