Teenage Engineering OP-Z In-Depth Demo

At the 2017 NAMM Show, Teenage Engineering was previewing their upcoming OP-Z audio & video synthesizer.

Here’s a hands-on demo of the new Teenage Engineering OP-Z, from lead software engineer Jonas Åberg.

The  OP-Z is a wireless 16 track multitimbral synthesizer, with fully sequenceable parameter locks, video synthesis and including ‘per step modifiers’. It also has tracks for video sequencing and even DMX light control. 

Details on pricing and availability are still to be announced.

Preliminary Specifications:

sequencing – advanced multi-speed 16-track sequencer.

instrument track – 16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks.

  1. kick
  2. snare
  3. percussion
  4. sampler
  5. bass
  6. lead
  7. arpeggio
  8. chords
  9. FX slot 1
  10. FX slot 2
  11. tape
  12. mixer
  13. midi
  14. cv & trig
  15. light
  16. motion

patterns – 160 user programmable pattern
endless patterns chaining
effects – upgradeable modular effects architecture. included effects: delay, reverb, filters, tremolo etc.
step components – 14 multi-program step components for advanced step sequencing.
screen – when paired or connected to an ios device, the ios device will act as a screen for OP-Z.
ios app – OP-Z ios app will be free to download from app store.
compatibility – compatible with any ios device that is apple metal graphics specified.
dual domain synthesis – dual domain synthesis for extreme low latency performance.


sensors – 6 axis motion sensor (g-force) assignable to any synthesizer parameter
wirelessb luetooth 5.0 LE
battery 2 years stand-by time


tactile input – 2 octaves of musical keys51 mechanical keys in total
pressure sensitive pitch bend
4 x multi purpose color coded high resolution encoders
volume knob / on switch pairing button

ui – 53 led indicators