Hand-Carved Eurorack Synth Case

Reader Kyle Passen let us know about this custom, hand-carved Eurorack modular synth case that he created.

The case features intricate carvings on each end:

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Here’s what Passen has to say about his custom Eurorack case:

I designed, carved, and built the case myself using simple hand tools, mostly. It’s a 6u x 104hp finger jointed case made of mahogany and poplar wood, which were sustainably sourced (i.e. – i lucked out at a recycled materials hardware store – $2 for the piece of mahogany!).

My background is in art, specifically printmaking, and my most recent work has involved hand carving electric guitars and amplifiers. I also draw a lot, I love music, and I find the modular world reeeeally intriguing. I guess building this case was a way for me to participate in the modular world a little bit without actually owning any gear.

I don’t own any modular equipment (yet); I would love to get into it, but obviously, I have other resource-consuming interests that tend to take up most of my disposable income.

As far as the subject matter goes…

I like drawing people. It’s hard, challenging. When I started working on this case I was itching to carve something but I wasn’t exactly sure what. Sometimes you just have to start. So a human face seemed like a good idea. The little gear-like bits at the bottom were just for fun. The opposite side I was thinking about maps and landscapes. I like drawing geometric and organic forms and they tend to show up a lot in my work.

You can see more examples of Passen’s work at his site.

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  1. Thanks everyone for the positive words! This piece and others are currently available for sale. If interested contact me through my website and we can talk details.

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