Caustic Update Adds New Synth, Effects & More

Software studio app Caustic has been updated to version 3.2.

The update brings a new synth, new effects and more.

Here’s what’s new in Caustic 3.2:

New machine: SawSynth (Polyphonic supersaw-type synth)

New “melody helper” to lock keyboards to scales
Support for more time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4) from the song page and in pattern editors
Tool to create new PCMSynth instruments by merging your rack.
Keyable BPM

New effects:
– Octaver
– Vibrato
– Tremolo
– AutoPan

Machine improvements:
PCMSynth: Stereo sample support
Modular: Added stereo out to machine input component
Bassline: Custom waveform support
8BitSynth: Random equation generator

Patterns show preview of notes
Quick jump table replaces machine list
Create machine by double tapping empty slot
Automation editor workflow visual crosshairs

Wave editor enhancements:
– Stereo support
– Effect support
– Timestretch/pitchshift
– BPM detection
– Insert silence
– Time ruler w/snap

Added mixer + transport MIDI mappings
Added support for using MIDI notes as CC triggers

Effect bypass is now keyable

Improved typing keyboard with uppercase/lowercase support

New loop and stem export options

More keyboard key width options for large screens

For more information, see the Single Cell Software site.

19 thoughts on “Caustic Update Adds New Synth, Effects & More

  1. Just got word from the developer that this update will show up on the Amazon App Store later in the week!! (Fast response from the developer!! Kudos!)

  2. Caustic is great, quite underrated in my opinion. Does more than you think and easy to use. I’ve even used its very usable sample editir to chop a big block of found sound in to usable samples when stuck away from my main ride. As the bloke said above…it’s also my desert island app.

  3. Absolutely love Caustic and the new update is stellar. Must mention too that I wrote the developer about a small issue and he replied pronto – there’s nothing but love here for the whole shebang.

  4. Caustic is really cool, but this scrollbar on the left side is bullshit. Please change that. In every other app you can use, scrolling the screen, everywere on the screen… I don’t use it without this feature.

    1. But isn’t there some advantage as far as panning around in the instrument you’re in? I think if that left scrollbar went away, it would be pretty tricky to prevent weird behavior. Seems like it is just a “fake” scroll in that you are moving between UI’s. It’s hard to imagine how this would work.

    2. no way, I like the scrollbar – it makes it way easier to control the instruments in real time. personally the thing that I would add would be a separate ui, especially now that there is scale mode for the record screen so that you could do full screen pad or kaoss style recording

  5. I’m sure its a great app, looking at the reactions above, but what’s up with the 90’s graphics? And how does it compare to Korg Gadget, seems to do about the same thing, with slightly different instruments.. right?

    I wonder how long it takes until all these manufacturers realize it will be better releasing all those nice sounding synths as ios au plugins, so anyone can use them in any daw they like.

    1. From what I understand Gadget has the edge in scene/clip. Caustic lets u route modulation sources and has the vocoder. I have been debating whether to buy since Gadget is my number one creation tool. We should also remember that the desktop version of Caustic is free which is pretty neat having access across multiple platforms. Given the positive response here on synthtopia I might buy this on ios.

    2. Caustic has a fully modular synth that is more powerful than it should be, a surprisingly usable vocoder, and now the dedicated Super saw synth. I also find sequencing and automation to be easier to do in Caustic. Gadget is much more powerful and featured (and it should be considering the price), but there’s no reason not to have Caustic alongside it (especially considering the price).

    3. As the others have said it’s the routing and modulation options that sets Caustic apart. I have used Gadget from day 1 and love it (and the IAPs) but I picked Caustic up today based on this update and I can see me using both quite effectively. Check out the YouTube videos by the developer for what is possible from what looks initially as a “poor mans Gadget”. I quite like the retro graphics actually and would rather the devs time be spent on functionality and smart workflow shortcuts (of which there are many) than tarting it up. Free PC version with full project compatibility too, nice.

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