SynthiMuse Random MIDI Note Generator (Sneak Preview)

The SynthiMuse is a new random music composer/re-composer that creates MIDI notes.

It is designed to do a number of different things:

  1. It can create endless random sequences of MIDI notes derived from the genuine random internal noise generator that is the same circuit as that used in the analog synthesizers of the 1970’s The notes created are truly random. Any note sequence it generates has never been heard before, and if you don’t save it to a loop, it’ll never be heard again. Sequences are generated by setting the parameters on the controls that can influence the notes. You can set the Key and the Scale and the generated notes, velocities and lengths can be affected by LFO, Noise, and Audio.
  2. It can ‘re-compose’ notes passed to it from the MIDI input. You can play any note melody in to it ( or no melody at all, just a repeating single note ) and, using the setups on the SynthiMuse panel, it will create new melodies.
  3. It can trigger off audio picked up from the internal microphone or an external audio source. You can sing or speak in to the SynthiMuse and it can either be influenced by the audio or actually triggered by it. The SynthiMuse is sensitive to the pitch of the audio so singing/playing high and low notes can influence the pitch of the MIDI notes created.
  4. It’s an arpeggiator that can create simple or complex arpeggios on the MIDI notes played in to it.
  5. It is a loop machine that memorizes the last 64 notes created and can save them in to 4 loop memories. The loop memories are 64 notes deep and each loop can play a section of this memory from 1 to 32 notes long. The memories are non-volatile meaning you won’t ever lose them when you switch off the SynthiMuse.
  6. It can create ‘Variations’ on the stored loops. Using buttons on the panel, you can use the SynthiMuse’s parameters to create variations of the lengths or pitches of all the notes in a loop.

Note: The video demo is of a prototype, using a vinyl sticker for markings. Production versions will be screen printed directly onto the black, powder-coated metal casing.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and availability information are still to be announced. See the SynthiMuse site for more info.

via Synth Anatomy