Make Noise Updates TEMPI Eurorack Module

Make Noise has released TEMPI31 – a new firmware for the TEMPI polyphonic clocking Euorack module that adds new features.

Here’s what’s new:

  • BUTTON1 may be set to Leading Tap Tempo. When this option is set to ON, Button1 sets the Tempo referenced by ALL channels when calculating divisions and multiples. Once set, it is still possible to Machine Program Channel 1 to tempi other than 1/1. This option is engaged on the new CLOCK EDIT page in item (3) below.
  • New option for quicker MACHINE programming: during Coarse Machine Programming, while holding down relevant PGM button, press opposing PGM button to double the divisor or multiplier. For example, hold PGM_A and press BUTTON2 twice for /2, then, still holding PGM_A, press PGM_B once for /4, twice for /8, etc.
  • New Page: CLOCK EDIT. Access Clock Edit Page by double-pressing PGM_A and PGM_B simultaneously. On this page each channel can be set to output CLOCK (BUTTON lights BLUE) or TRIGGER (BUTTON lights OFF). Additionally, Ch1 can be set to have its Coarse Human Programming behavior replaced with Tap Tempo, with its BUTTON lighting on this page as follows: PURPLE for Tap Tempo/Clock output, RED for Tap Tempo/Trigger Output (BLUE and OFF are the same as all other channels).
  • On Program Edit Page, Run/Stop and Shift can now both be enabled at once (Buttons 4 and 5 both lit). When both behaviors are enabled, the State Select Gate input is used for Shift, and the Mod input for Run/Stop. When only one behavior is enabled, the Mod input is used as before. Button6 on the Program Edit Page now selects Jumbled or Unjumbled for both Shift and Reset information. Run/Stop Toggled option is removed.

See the Make Noise site for more info.

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